Dragon Slim Xtreme

We live in a stunner cognizant society, where individuals judge you on your weight level and unshaped figure. It is entirely troublesome for a hefty individual to lead a serene life, and trust me, I’m stating it with the experience. Then again, to stay fit and solid, it is additionally imperative to shed additional kilos from the body, and for that Dragon Slim Xtreme is the best arrangement. Continue perusing…

More about the Supplement

Getting more fit is not in any way troublesome, on the off chance that you are utilizing Dragon Slim Xtreme that guarantees you to wind up thin. This is a viable weight reduction supplement that is produced correctly to help you get thinner actually. Contains just 60 cases, the arrangement liquefies effectively in the body and gives speedy results. This is further a clinically demonstrated supplement that helps you get a thin, trim body securely. Without a doubt, Dragon Slim Xtreme can help you display your consummately molded body with full certainty.

Its Effective Functioning

Dragon Slim Xtreme works easily to help you shed pounds normally much speedier than eating routine and activity. The item builds your digestion system level and accelerate your procedure of weight reduction. It conditions your body, evacuates the appalling flabs and lumps around your arms and midsection, and also make you look great. The arrangement advances the loss of component of muscle to fat quotients and gives it a characteristic approach to smolder fat quicker. Also, the fixings found in the item builds your vitality level, decreases your anxiety and enhances your physical and in addition mental execution.

Aside from this, the arrangement gives you solid procedure of weight reduction and keeps up your general wellness and wellbeing. The item permits you to get fit into your most loved garments and helps you feel more stimulated and dynamic for the duration of the day. Other than this, Dragon Slim Xtreme is the best answer for shed undesired body pounds and accomplish the thin and staggering figure.

Elements of Dragon Slim Xtreme

The supplement comprises of just characteristic fixings that help you to shed additional body pounds the normal way. It contains Calcium, Ginseng, Caffeine and Gingko that guarantees to blaze those obstinate stomach fat in a couple of weeks. Moreover, every one of the fixings found in Dragon Slim Xtreme are completely tried, endorsed and safe to utilize.

How to Use?

It’s entirely easy to utilize Dragon Slim Xtreme! You need to take the pills according to your specialist’s recommendation or as specified on its mark, once a day to accomplish the ideal results. Devour the pills with a full glass of water without missing a solitary day. Not just this, you can without much of a stretch amplify your outcomes by consolidating Dragon Slim Xtreme with a consistent physical movement, eating an adjusted eating routine and taking after other sound propensities.

Is there any Side Effects?

In no way, shape or form! Dragon Slim Xtreme is a clinically affirmed arrangement and is free from fillers or included additive, in this way to a great degree safe to utilize. In this way, there are no reactions reported by any of its buyers, which makes it solid. Be that as it may, abstain from overdosing of the recipe as it may make hurt the body. Furthermore, before utilizing Dragon Slim Xtreme, remember the accompanying focuses:

  • Try not to utilize on the off chance that you are under 18
  • Wash your hands before taking the pills

What I Experienced?

Utilizing Dragon Slim Xtreme was a mind-boggling knowledge for me. The equation helped me get to be thin, sound and impeccably fit without attempting me put additional endeavors. It supported my digestion system and gave me astonishing center and vitality for the duration of the day. I feel happy that I utilized something like this, that profited me a great deal. To be completely forthright, I’m very glad and awed with the outcomes Dragon Slim Xtreme gave to me. Further, I totally prescribe it to everybody. Put it all on the line!

  • Guarantees by Dragon Slim Xtreme
  • Builds your digestion system
  • Supports vitality levels
  • Smolder more calories
  • Helps you accomplish thin and solid

Where to Buy?

Request your restrictive pack of Dragon Slim Xtreme that returns with 100% cash ensure online by essentially going to its official site.

Dragon Slim Xtreme Review

Dragon Slim Extreme is a popular all natural fat loss formulation that claims to be able to promote fast fat loss without the need for exercise or dieting. It does this with a careful combination of clinically proven herbal ingredients that bring about a thermic effect on the body.


What’s In Dragon Slim Xtreme?

Dragon Slim Xtreme is composed of four key, completely natural ingredients:Dragon Extreme

Ginseng – Ginseng has been used for over two thousand years in traditional Chinese medicine to enhance energy and lose weight. It is also known to reduce stress improve physical and mental energy and improve sexual function. Ginseng also has the amazing ability to flush toxins from the body and to allow for faster fat burn.

Panax ginseng, in particular, has been linked to weight loss benefits, with one study showing, obese diabetic mice given panax ginseng extracts not only improved their insulin sensitivity but also lost a significant amount of weight after 12 days.

Ginseng will balance your metabolism. This will allow you to burn more calories 24 hours a day – even when you’re sleeping. Moreover, ginseng is the world’s greatest natural energy booster. Taking raw ginseng will give you more energy for working out, which will spur you on to burn more calories and thus lose more body fat.

A raft of recent studies have given sound scientific backing to what people around the world have known anecdotally about ginseng for centuries.

As well as giving you a massive weight loss advantage, ginseng will do the following things for your body:

  • Fight cancer

  • Help defeat diabetes

  • Provide immune system support

  • Boost mental performance

  • Decrease stress and anxiety

  • Enhance your virility

  • Lower cholesterol


Capsicum – Capsicum is the key thermogenic agent used in Dragon Slim Extreme. It contains Capsaicinoids, which are the natural occurring pungent compounds within red hot pepper. Capsaicin is one specific member of the capsaicinoid family. It is the main active compound that makes red hot pepper sizzle.

Researchers have concluded that supplementation with capsaicin boosts the rate of metabolism, with a resultant faster calorie burn. They also surmise that capsaicin is a stimulant of adrenal production, which leads to a powerful surge of energy.

Gingko – Gingko is one the oldest living tree species on the planet. It is believed that extra of the bark contains flavonoids which contribute to weight loss.

Caffeine – Caffeine is a powerful energy boosting stimulant that also has a thermogenic effect on the body. It is also believed to increase blood flow and speed up the metabolism. Research has also shown caffeine increases endurance, by increasing blood fatty acids and extra carbohydrate stores in the liver and muscles.

What Are the Benefits of Dragon Slim Xtreme?

Slim vs Fat

The manufacturers of  Dragon Slim Extreme are so confident in their product that they guarantee all users they will lose a minimum of 10 pounds in the first month of using the product. To achieve this goal, Dragon Slim Extreme has the following effects on the body –

  • Speeds up metabolism

  • Rids the body of harmful toxins

  • Revitalizes the body, allowing it to work like new

  • Increase the body’s internal temperature to speed up fat burn

  • Boost energy levels

The Scientific Proof

Many weight loss products make amazing claims but fail to back them up with real science. Dragon Slim Slim Xtreme is different. A detailed clinical trial of the product was undertaken in the United States over a four week period. At the end of the study more than 80% of those who participated had a visible weight loss result. The average weight loss was 10 pounds in just four weeks.

For a completely natural weight loss product this is an unheard of result in such a short period of time.


Purchasing Dragon Slim Xtreme

Dragon Slim Extreme can only be purchased online. It can be bought in a number of countries, not including the United States. Purchasers have three costing options depending on how many 60 capsule bottles they purchase.

Dragon Slim Xtreme Review – Manage Body Weight!

Dragon Slim Xtreme packFinally, weight loss is no more a tough task, all thanks to Dragon Slim Xtreme. It is a natural supplement which has 100% safe and extremely effective ingredients which cut down the fat from the body and results in a slim and sleek body structure. The product is strongly recommended by the doctors and the reason behind it has been discussed in the review below, so read further!

Why is it recommended?

The usage of this supplement is recommended because it is 100% natural. It does not harms our body but, keeps it active, safe and fit. The product is a must use product as it busts fat and helps our body come back in shape. It reduces inactiveness and boosts energy levels. The supplement helps us gain better metabolism and improves our fitness. It makes us slim, sleek and grants us an attractive figure. Dragon Slim Xtreme supplement has the backing of numerous doctors and health experts as well.

About of Dragon Slim Xtreme

This product is formulated in the GNP labs. It does not consists of any harmful ingredient and is 100% safe. The supplement manages the fat deposition in the body and helps us gain a wonderfully slim and sleek structure. It keeps us active and fit. The supplement is recommended by numerous doctors because it is approved by the FDA. It is an overall health enhancing product which lets us lead a healthy and fit life.

Ingredients of Dragon Slim Xtreme

This supplement contains of natural ingredients such as Gingko, Calcium, Caffeine and Ginseng. It also has organic energy boosters and fat busters. The components of this supplement keep our body fit, healthy and in shape.

How does it work?

This product cuts down the fat deposition in the body layer by layer and grants us a slim and active structure. It increases our metabolism, makes digestion of food proper and does not lets the fat settle in the body. The product rids us from fatigue and laziness by managing the blood circulation in the system. It multiplies our energy levels and helps us get rid of hunger pangs. The supplement improves the working of our colon too. In short, it works hard to give us a slim and sleek appearance.


Benefits of Dragon Slim Xtreme

  • Grants body a slim shape
  • Increases metabolism
  • Controls blood circulation
  • Enhances energy levels and stamina
  • Manages hunger levels
  • Boosts colon fitness
  • Reduces fatigue and laziness
  • Destructs fat and cholesterol settlement
  • Formulates digestion
  • Magnifies the fitness of our body

My ExperienceDragon Slim Xtreme user review

This product entered into my life after it was recommended to me by my doctor. Till date, it has helped me overcome all the problems related to weight. It has reduced excessive storage of fat from my body and has given me a slim and sleek body structure. The product blocks the deposition and settlement of cholesterol in my system which increases the functioning of all my organs.

The supplement improves the blood circulation in the body and activates our lifestyle. It did the same in my body as well. The product improved my metabolism and ensured better energy levels. It also regulated my digestion, rid me from sleep deprivation and controlled my mood swings. The supplement boosts the health of my digestive system and colon too.

What can be done to gain better results?

The sole secret to make this supplement work beneficially is to consume it as per the dosage pattern. Also, include more of nutritious food in your diet and stay away from smoking and drinking. Daily exercising also prove to be helpful in the functioning of this product.


Free Trial?

A 10-day trial pack is available on the official website of this product. It can be purchased by anyone who is registered on the official website. The trial pack will be delivered at your doorstep and can be ordered by adults only. It is a must use!


  • The consumption of this product should be done on recommendation of doctor
  • Do not allow children and youngsters use it
  • Never leave the pack uncovered
  • Store it away from heat and moisture
  • Protect the pills from UV rays
  • Consume the capsules as per the dosage pattern
  • Make use of its free trial
  • Purchase it from an authentic source
  • Do not accept delivery if safety seal is tampered
  • Keep the pack in a cool and dry place


There is a dosage pattern mentioned on the label of the pack according to which, this product should be consumed. Doctors recommend its daily consumption. The pills should be taken with a glass full of water, every morning and at night. As per the instructions, two pills should be taken in a day.

Side effects

The product is prepared using latest technology. It is 100% natural and safe because of the organic ingredients that it consists of. The supplement is tested by the FDA and it has the certification for the daily usage. It does not comprises of any harmful component, chemicals or additives.


How to buy?

Dragon Slim Xtreme can be brought by logging onto its official website. It is not available at medical stores and should not be purchased from supplement shops as well. The supplement, if ordered from the official store, will be delivered at your doorstep. This product is available at dearth cheap price on the website and should be bought from there only.

Dragon Slim Xtreme Review – Is It For You?

Dragon Slim Xtreme is a weight loss formula that allows users to lose weight much faster than if they were just using diet and exercise. In fact, Dragon Slim Xtreme is so effective, it allows users to burn away fat even if they haven’t changed their diet or aren’t working out on a regular basis.

What Is Dragon Slim Xtreme?

Because Dragon Slim Xtreme is made with natural ingredients, it works well even for those with the most sensitive stomachs. These natural ingredients burn fat, but also increase the body’s fat burning effectiveness. By taking these pills on a regular basis, users will be able to see long-term effects and their body will be capable of burning more fat even after the pills are no longer in use.

The Science behind Dragon Slim Xtreme

Thanks to a detailed clinical trial, the results of Dragon Slim Xtreme have been very closely documented. The study group, which was examined in the United States, used Dragon Slim Xtreme over a course of a four weeks. However, many saw results from using the supplement within the first few weeks. At the end of the trial, it was discovered that more than 80% of the people in the trial had visible weight loss results.

The average weight loss for participants in this clinical trial was a staggering 10 pounds. The results of this trial are part of the reason Dragon Slim Xtreme guarantees users at least a 10 pound weight reduction when taking the supplement regularly. Since very few natural weight loss supplements offer the same results, backed by the results of clinical trials, Dragon Slim Xtreme definitely stands apart in the weight loss industry.

The one thing that makes this clinical trial so encouraging is that it only took place over the course of several weeks. If users continue taking Dragon Slim Xtreme for longer periods of time will continue to see these results snowball, giving them amazing, fit bodies.

The Benefits of Dragon Slim Xtreme

There are several amazing benefits for using Dragon Slim Xtreme. As already mentioned, it comes with a firm guarantee on how much weight users will lose within in the first month of being on the supplement. While this is enough of a benefit to get most users excited about starting Dragon Slim Xtreme, it is really only the beginning.

First of all, Dragon Slim Xtreme increases the metabolism. When the body is filled with contaminants, which is a typical side effect of eating processed foods and not exercising, the metabolism begins to halt to a stop. While most people would shrug this off and blame it on aging, the slowing of the metabolism can actually be reversed. By flushing the body of toxins, Dragon Slim Xtreme revitalizes it, making it function like new. This will help the body constantly burn off fat more effectively.

Dragon Slim Xtreme contains a thermogenic property. Thermogenic means that there is a natural ingredient in the supplement that heats up the inside of the body. By raising the temperature of the body just a few degrees, the fat burning capabilities of the body increases exponentially. In this manner, Dragon Slim Xtreme is able to burn more calories than other weight loss products.

Going hand in hand with boosting the metabolism, Dragon Slim Xtreme is also able to increase energy levels. This is also due to the flushing out of the toxins in the body. When the body is filled with these contaminants, nothing functions the way it should, resulting in the body being tired consistently. Again, this is shrugged off, blamed on being tired or working too hard. However, once the body is flushed of these toxins, users will notice their energy levels skyrocketing. They’ll be waking up earlier and powering through the day with more efficiency.

Finally, Dragon Slim Xtreme is completely natural. So many health products on the market are filled with chemicals that harm the body more than they help the body. For the creators of Dragon Slim Xtreme, this was not an option. The supplement looked to nature for a way of helping users lose weight, get energized, and stay fit.

Ingredients in Dragon Slim Xtreme

There are four main ingredients in the supplement Dragon Slim Xtreme. These natural ingredients work together to boost the metabolism and aid the body to increase its natural fat burning capabilities. There was no need to find artificial or chemical products to give the body the help it required to burn fat and increase the metabolism. Nature provided all the ingredients Dragon Slim Xtreme needed.

The first, and most potent, ingredient found in Dragon Slim Xtreme is ginseng. Ginseng has been used for thousands of years as a natural supplement to boost energy levels, burn fat, reduce the effects of stress, and help the body recover faster. Ginseng also helps the digestive system flush out the toxins that slow down fat burning and cause the constant fatigue that is so common in adults these days.

The thermogenic ingredient found in Dragon Slim Xtreme is capsicum. A flowering pepper plant, Dragon Slim Xtreme added capsicum to turn the heat up on the fat burning properties of the supplement. By including this ingredient in Dragon Slim Xtreme, users can be burning calories even when they aren’t exercising.

In addition to these very active ingredients, Dragon Slim Xtreme also contains calcium, gingko, and caffeine. The rest of these ingredients work to energize and focus users of the supplement while the others work to burn fat and boost the metabolism.

Purchasing Dragon Slim Xtreme

Dragon Slim Xtreme is currently available for sale online. Although we are having a hard time finding There are three purchase options for the purchase of the supplement. Each bottle of Dragon Slim Xtreme contains 60 capsules, enough for a month’s supply.


Piperine Forte Review: UK, Scam, Ingredients, Side Effects, Does it Work?

Piperine Forte Reviewspiperine-forte-reviews

Being over-weight is a dilemma that is being faced by nearly everyone today. In today’s age and time where healthy snacks are extinct and are taken over by burgers that are not only bursting with fat but also pose serious threats to the health of an individual. There are various outlets of famous brands that serves lunch, dinners and even breakfast which are no doubt very tasty but the impact of eating them on regular basis makes it impossible to avoid obesity. It’s quite evident that obesity has been on a rise in last few decades. And people who face obesity are trying their hands on various methodologies to shed off extra pounds that they are carrying in their bodies.

Piperine Forte Claims

Apparently many of them haven’t find any great success dealing with obesity, unless they have taken some medications with it. There is a new drug called Pieprine-forte that has been in the market that claims to be an antidote for this problem. This drug has caused an uproar in the market due to a fascinating idea that a single pill when taken can shed off pounds and pounds of fat from your body. This life changing drug is manufactured by a Polish company and can be easily obtained from their website or from Amazon.com. The inventors of the drug promise the authenticity of its work only if it’s taken on a regular basis, moreover, they suggest that if you take this drug you are free of following any strict diet plans as well as from frantic gym sessions.

Piperine Forte Ingredients

If the makers are to be believed Piperine-forte is a pure herbal product containing black pepper in quantity that helps in increasing the metabolism rate stimulated by Histamine (H22) receptors which also aids in improving your digestive juices emissions. Increase in the rate of thermo- metabolism suggest that fats will burn more rapidly, also preventing the likelihood of new fat cells creation and helps in a stable weight loss.

Does Piperine Forte Work?

Piperine-forte makers suggest that you take 4 pills of this miraculous drug every day to get results, in addition drinking great amount of water is also advised. The founders of this medicine holds no responsibility if the drug is taken in excess amount as prescribed and also advise consumers to see the doctors as soon as you notice any adverse effects after the use of this product.

Piperine Forte Pros

Piperine-forte has some pros attached:

  • Helps in quick breakdown of body fats.
  • Facilitates you in losing weight quicker than ever.
  • Helps you overcome your excessive eating habits.
  • Enhance your metabolism.
  • Helps you in achieving a leaned body mass.

Piperine Forte Cons

With some pros comes the cons as well:

  • May not be suitable for everyone.
  • May not work as it claim.
  • Not many have rated this product but who have done are somewhat unsatisfied with the results.
  • Customers considers it a waste of time and money since they haven’t got the result they were looking for.

Final Verdict

If my opinion is to be considered I would suggest that someone should be extremely vigilant when trying to use this drug. Merely because of the lack of positive reviews it is hard to believe that this product will bring any good to you. The few comments on different online weight loss forums that I have read about this drug expose that this supplement does not work fine and that the company is making false statements. The cost of shipping is another reason why I would say that this may not be the ideal solution for those who are looking to lose weight.

Piperine Forte Review: Ingredients, Side Effects, UK, Scam, Does it Work?

Piperine Forte Reviewspiperine-forte-reviews

Piperine Forte is described as a slimming pill. It is touted to help with weight loss, but according to many of its users, the supplement is not that quite effective. The product’s manufacturer claims that the supplement can burn fat, prevent formation of new fat cells and suppress appetite, thus causing weight loss.

Company behind Piperine Forte

Piperine Forte is manufactured by Visiomedica which also produces other weight loss supplements. The Poland-based company uses Piperine (substance contained in black pepper) to make the slimming pill.

Piperine Forte Claims

  • Speeds up metabolism.
  • Increases thermo-metabolism.
  • Prevents formation of new fat cells.
  • Curbs appetite.
  • Enhances the secretion of digestive juices.

Piperine Forte Ingredients

As mentioned above, the active ingredient is Piperine. This ingredient is studied to accelerate metabolism, block the formation of new fat cells and stimulate the secretion of digestive juices. Other ingredients include: quarana extract and cayenne pepper. The former provides energy & reduces fatigue while the latter suppresses appetite, accelerates metabolism and prevents bloating.

How does Piperine Forte Work?

The manufacturer continues to emphasize that the supplement works, even when there are many complains of poor results coming from the users. According to the manufacturer, the supplement works by stimulating the Histamine receptor which increases the rate of metabolism causing fat burning and secretion of more digestive juices. This also increases thermo-metabolism which prevents formation of new fat cells.

Piperine Forte Pros

  • Promotes a lean body mass.
  • Helps with weight loss.
  • Boosts metabolism.

Piperine Forte Cons

  • Does not provide the desired results in many users.
  • It may not work effectively as touted by the manufacturer.
  • Some customers have had nasty side effects after using it.
  • Comes at a higher price.
  • Its shipping process is quite complicated.

Piperine Forte Results

According to the users, the supplement doesn’t bring any major positive results. Its effects are felt after 3 months which is a long period of time, and the results are just minor. The lean body mass results are just below the average.

Where to buy Piperine Forte?

The best place to buy Piperine Forte is online. It is advisable to buy the product from a reputable online platform to avoid getting a fake product. The supplement is a rare one, so it can be difficult to find in most online drug stores.

Is Piperine Forte a Scam?

The fact that Piperine Forte can bring some good results it is not a scam! Some people have called the supplement a scam after using it and not getting any promising results. There are many fake Piperine Forte products out there, and these are definitely a scam because they don’t work at all.

Piperine Forte Side effects

The slimming pill contains natural ingredients, so it does not cause any life-threatening side effects. However, some users have complained of unbearable side effects such as stomach disorders, headache and prolonged nausea. The supplement can aggravate symptoms of serious health conditions such as cardiovascular disease and diabetes, so people suffering from these diseases should consult a doctor before using it.

Final Verdict

Generally, Piperine Forte is not quite effective when it comes to helping with weight loss! It does not provide maximum metabolism boost, appetite suppression and fat loss. If you are serious with weight loss, it is advisable to avoid this product and go for the reputable weight loss products out there.

Piperine Forte

Weight issues are something nearly everyone deals with on a daily basis. The sad truth is that we are the largest people on the planet. It’s certainly no mystery that obesity continues to be on the rise. Some people feel disgust and anger toward those who are obese. Frankly it seems a bit odd that people in some parts of the world starve every day while others are dangerously obese. Wouldn’t it be nice, if there were a way to balance the scales?

There is a new drug on the marketplace called Piperine Forte, this drug is supposed to be able to help shed stubborn pounds of fat and blubber to reveal sculpted lean muscles underneath.

About Piperine Forte

Although this drug may seem too good to be true, many claim that it does work to help increase the metabolism. It’s fascinating to think that a mere pill can instantly ignite our body’s fat burning furnace. Whenever a new weight loss supplement is introduced to the market, many people take notice. We can practically hear the clickity clacks of people’s fingers typing in their credit card details to buy this new miracle fat melting pill.

So, who makes this fascinating drug that promises to quell the rumors of a possible early death caused by the complications of morbid obesity? The drug is made by a Polish company. Writing this review posed to be challenging as the company’s website is exclusively in Polish. Google translate does help but there is always a chance that some things may have been lost in the translation. Needless to say, it’s not very easy to understand exactly what the manufacturer promises to deliver.

What can be gleaned from using multiple translators is that the site promises that consumers will see results within two weeks time provided they use the product on a daily basis. Additionally, the company claims that exercise and diet aren’t needed in order to lose weight when customers use this product. It’s important to note that currently the pill is only available to residents of Europe.

At this time it appears that the company only offers one product through their website. Unfortunately, online searches don’t reveal much information about this company or their product’s effectiveness.

Ingredients for Piperine Forte

The singular identifiable ingredient in this wonder pill comes from black pepper. It is actually in the title of the supplement. The outer shell of the black pepper is called Piperine. It is defined as a highly effective fat burner and a fat absorption blocker. The piperine is the reason why black pepper has that pungency.

It is said that piperine can diminish the amount of fat in the bloodstream. Interestingly enough, black pepper has been used for centuries in the medicine practices of the East to help alleviate gastrointestinal issues. Additionally, black pepper has been found according to some online studies to interfere with the activity of genes that are responsible for fat formation.

Athletes, bodybuilders and fitness buffs usually complain about the bland food they eat when they are preparing for contests and competitions. Now these folks will be able to enjoy black pepper to add some flavor to their food while further torching body fat. It’s also reassuring to learn that black pepper is practically sodium-free. And if that weren’t enough, it contains beneficial antioxidants that may help to regulate blood sugar levels after each meal.

What Does Piperine Forte Do?

Piperine Forte promises to aid in weight loss with no change of lifestyle. This seems very fishy, due to it being a brand no one has heard of before. An online search quickly reveals that there are very few reviews. It is very difficult to assess if this drug can actually work as described.

Customer Reviews

It appears that the general consensus from the English speaking demographic who actually tried this miracle drug were displeased. An online search of multiple websites and forums show that most people from the United States, Canada, England and Ireland don’t experience the instantaneous fat torching as they had originally hoped. Could it be that these pills offer nothing more than a placebo effect?

Piperine Forte Price

Another issue of concern for people is the price of the drug. The price per bottle came up to about forty-five dollars for twenty pills. The instructions call for one pill to be taken in the mornings and another at night, this means that the forty-five dollar price tag only covers ten days. Many customers may end up feeling that this is simply too high a price to pay for an over the counter weight loss drug.

Additionally to add insult to injury the cost of shipping for this drug is very pricey. Customers have reported shipping costs of ten to fifteen dollars. The standard reported shipping time appears to be ten days. Sadly, some customers have expressed frustration because they have received bottles that have already been opened.

If these reviews are even remotely correct, the shipping is a serious issue for the company itself. And if it is to continue, the company will most likely fade into nothing but rubble.

Piperine Forte Review Final Thoughts

It would be very wise to be extremely cautious when attempting to use this product. Due to the lack of viable reviews and/or customer testimonials it is nearly impossible to tell if this product is any good. The handful of comments on different online weight loss forums reveal that this supplement does not work and that the company is sketchy. The cost of shipping alone is also another reason why this may not be the best option for those who are looking to lose weight.

There are better options for weight loss and appetite reduction with money back guarantees available on the market. As always, it’s wise to exercise caution before embarking on a weight loss journey. Pregnant or nursing women should always consult with their doctors before taking any weight loss supplement. And everyone should increase their water intake to help flush out the toxins from their system.